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Monday, March 26, 2012
What Do United Methodists Believe?
            It must be understood that United Methodists make up a very culturally, socially and theologically diverse denomination. We do however have a set of orthodox doctrines which, at least in theory, are embraced and taught in all United Methodist Churches. 
            Faith United Methodist Church interprets these doctrines through the lens of a moderate to conservative evangelical perspective. Some other individuals, congregations, or groups have different perspectives, but we all must stay within certain doctrinal parameters that define our denomination.
            From time to time controversies erupt in our denomination because fringe groups press the accepted doctrinal parameters. Those controversies get time in the media, but as a whole the United Methodist Church continues to endorse it’s historic positions and is very slow to budge on issues where scripture is very clear. You can attend any United Methodist Church with confidence that there are clear and accepted doctrinal standards with which the organization must abide.
United Methodists as a whole believe in:
§     The proclamation of the good news of Jesus Christ as the Son of God and as Lord and Savior of our lives;
§     Salvation that comes from the grace given to us by God to have faith in Jesus Christ;
§     The Bible as the holy and inspired Word of God given to us as the self-revelation of God;
§     The Trinity – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – One God in three natures;
§     The forgiveness of sins through the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ;
§     The Virgin Birth and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ as the supernatural bookend events of his life brought about by the power of God;
§      The centrality of love in the message and life of Jesus Christ;
§      The new life of a believer in Jesus Christ;
§      The Church as the body of Christ in the world today;
§       Faith in action by the doing of good works in the world as a response to the love Jesus Christ has expressed to us; and
§       Everlasting life and the reality of the Kingdom of Heaven.
Sacraments and the United Methodist Church
           In the United Methodist Church there are two sacraments that are celebrated – Baptism and Holy Communion.  We baptize children, youth, and adults. Traditionally we use the method of sprinkling for the act of baptism, but will also baptize by the method of pouring or immersion if requested by the individual being baptized.
          Holy Communion in the United Methodist Church is open to all worshipers who desire to receive the sacrament. You do not have to be a member of Faith or any other church in order to receive the grace of Jesus Christ that is present in the sacrament. Holy Communion is served to all ages as desired. The sacrament is celebrated on the last Sunday of each month along with special services throughout the year.

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