As times changed so did both church names with the merger of the Evangelical United Brethren and the Methodist churches. Franklin United Methodist joined briefly with Adario and later became a single point charge again. Pavonia joined with Olivesburg as a two-point charge for 45 years then in 2000 joined instead with Franklin.
    In September of 2000 the two churches joined together and in November renamed to become Faith United Methodist Church. The decision was made in October 2001 to close the Pavonia facility and meet solely at the Franklin facility. God has continued to nudge his people forward. In January 2003, 30 acres were purchased across from Crestview school campus for the next step in the journey of faith.

   Over the years these people have been busy ministering in many ways. They have supported building a well in Brazil where there was no water, theyíve traveled on many mission trips to Kentucky to help with housing needs, and supported missionary efforts in many parts of the world and brought the African Childrenís choir to the community. The Womenís Guild Society and later the United Methodist Women have supported causes for women, children and youth around the world.

   Close to home, groups have ministered as well. The Sunshine Sisters is one such group. They have been spreading sunshine to many since 1970. There has been a food pantry established and many clothing drives. Others have tutored elementary children, and helped with repairs at Pin Oak. They have caroled and brought Sunday morning hymn sings to Dayspring. A prison ministry continues to serve the inmates at Mansfield Correctional Institute. The good people of Faith United Methodist have endured many changes and indeed put their faith in Godís plan for them through the years. Godís hand continues to guide them into the future.