Serve 2022- Putting Faith Into Action

We are joining forces with other area churches for an outreached called SERVE 2022.  This is bringing together two being our Faith In Action mission to the Crestview Schools and the other being Project Serve, another very successful mission, to do home repairs, yard work, and other projects for people in need in the Savanah community. 

This joint venture includes Savanah UMC, Trinity Baptist, Bethel Baptist, Oakland Lutheran, Christ Community, and Faith.  Other churches are considering joining as well!  This is a tremendous opportunity for the body of Christ, the Church, to come together and be the hands and feet of Jesus!

For this to be a success, WE NEED YOU! 

1. We need you to volunteer to SERVE! Consider scheduling vacation days to Serve the Community on August 6th and 7th.  That is when we will be organizing our home repair projects. And/or consider scheduling time to Serve the Schools on August 16th.  That is when we will help staff and teachers with projects to get ready for the coming school year.  To volunteer, fill out the volunteer application form below.  Please return this application to Faith UMC"s church office by July 25th so we can plan projects.

2. We need you to give to SERVE!  You can give on-line on our giving page, or on the Faith app on your phone.  You may also place a donation in the offering plate on Sunday mornings or place it in the "Donation" box next to the church office door.  Please designate your gift for SERVE.

3. We need you to promote SERVE! Share Facebook posts when they come out.  Tell your friends about it.  If you know someone you could use a helping hand, get them a resident application (see below). 

I am praying that this is a game-changer.  I pray that SERVE 2022 will continue to strengthen our cooperative ministry in the Crestview community.  I pray that SERVE 2022 will be a catalyst for revival.  I pray that SERVE 2022 will open doors for the gospel to reach new people.

Won't you be a part of it?!?

Pastor Brian

Visit the Serve Savannah/Bailey Lakes Facebook page to stay up-to-date on this year's projects and events.