United Women in Faith (UMW) Fundraiser

Hi friends!

STOCK YOUR PANTRY and be prepared for weddings, graduations or last-minute pop-up celebrations, now and into the future! Let Faith's United Women in Faith (UMW) help!

Check out our Fundraising Webstores at  https://faith-umw.terrilynn.com and  https://radafundraising.com?rfsn=4795847.8aaebfb.  All online orders will be shipped directly to your home.  Contact Phyllis Harrington or Rita Kyser to ask any questions about placing or receiving an order.  TerriLynn nuts and snacks are the same delicious, high quality delights you have purchased from us in the past.  RADA has quality cutlery that lasts for years! 
A portion of every sale goes to support our cause—and you get delicious nuts, snacks, confections or cutlery delivered right to your door. Please shop and share to help Faith's United Women in Faith raise money to support mission projects for women and children here in the Crestview community, in Ohio, and around the world! 

Every purchase you make using these shopping links supports our Faith United Women in Faith organization! THANK YOU!

Contact the church office at (419)895-1011 if you have any questions and would like to speak with one of our UMW members.  

Additional information about the United Women in Faith can be found on the website for the Mid-Ohio District UMW.