Plug into Faith UMC at The Outlet
Monday, March 26, 2012

                Welcome to Faith UMC Outreach!  We are very excited you came!  Please take some time and read all about some of the things you can get into at The Outlet.  You see… as we get more and more comfortable in our quickly advancing technology, our brains seem to get smarter and smarter by the minute.  In fact, we have gotten so smart we have somehow isolated ourselves to the point we have to fill out profiles online.  Not only for ourselves to figure out, but to also let millions and millions of others try to figure us out as well.  Unfortunately, even with all that attention, isolation can and is still very lonely. 

             So, how do we fix this?  We at Faith UMC believe we can get away from our technological stasis and MEET PEOPLE!  A novel idea?  Not really.  Believe it or not, it wasn’t too long ago that the very idea of texting never crossed anyone’s mind.  They were too busy talking to each other face to face.  Having parties, dances, playing games and just some good ole’ fashion fellowship was how we did it.  That’s why we have programming for all ages and stages, we have good ole fashioned board games like monopoly to two Xbox 360’s and a Wii, on two 60 inch HDTV’s.  Hey folks, we are talking about a full size gym with basketball, volleyball and occasionally strobe-light dodge ball. 

            There are also annual, semi-annual, monthly and weekly events for families, friends and individuals.  We are all friends at Faith UMC no matter even if it’s just your first visit.  If you have an interest, let us know because we may already have just the place for you.  Our Outreach programming includes programs at MANCI Prison, Good News Club at Crestview Elementary, The Food Pantry, Faith-in-Action, Dayspring activities, and so much more!

            And don’t forget about our “Outlet Café” because it has the best food in town without a doubt!  Check out their web page for a listing of events and programs as well as a first class menu priced just right.  So come and see that church is not like it used to be here at Faith UMC in The Outlet.