Our Mission (Why we do what we do)
Jesus gave his followers their mission when he gave them the Great Commission. That mission brought unity and purpose to the disciples. It become the reason they did what they did. That's what a mission does. It gives purpose. It answers the question "Why." As a local church, the mission informs our entire operation. It is the heart beat of our church. It is what encourages, energizes, and empowers us. 

Faith UMC's Mission Statement is "to make and mature disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world." 

Our Values (How we do what we do)
The "how" of what we do helps us define our values as a congregation. When we are considering what to do next and what we are doing now, we are asking ourselves, "Does this accurately reflect how and who God is asking us to be?" Here's how we believe we are being asked to do things:

Everything we do should be about building and advancing relationships. This is how Christ did nearly everything during his earthly ministry. He built new relationships, looked past the differences, and saw the value of the individual - just as God saw them. When we are connecting, celebrating, growing, caring, and going, we must operate with relationships in mind. After all, it is God working through relationships that changes lives. 

We want to do ministry on purpose for a purpose. We have already defined our purpose to make an mature disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. It is our desire to connect everyone and everything with our mission. We have to be intentional about all that we do, making sure it accurately represents God and our local church.

People are thirsty for transformation. They simply don't know what to do or how to do it. When we are doing what we do, we have to be practical in our approach: helping others take next steps by showing them and walking with them. Our ministries must have practical "next steps" so that participants can engage others and experience God through Christ. 

Finally, we do things with excellence. Our ministries should glorify God and give witness to God's greatness. Offering him anything less than our best is offering him our leftovers. We want to model excellence for His Excellence - giving our best and greatest in order that other may experience God's greatness.​

Our Ministries (What we do)

If the mission is at the center of our church, then it informs all of the ministries we do. All of our ministries should help us fulfill our mission in some way. At Faith UMC, we have narrowed down our ministries to five areas. Here is what we do. 

This is the ministry of hospitality. It is how we welcome guests in worship and special events. This is the ministry of connecting first-time guests and marginalized participants more meaningfully, in order that they may experience Christ and grow in their faith so that they will transform the world.

This is the ministry of worship, when people come to celebrate God has done, is doing, and will do. In worship we celebrate God's presence in our midst, hoping to experience God during our time in order that we may share that experience with others. 

This includes the ministries of spiritual growth and maturity. We grow into more mature disciples of Jesus Christ. These ministries most frequently occur in the context of small groups, where individuals can share life together, build relationships, and overcome challenges. Discipleship is a journey best traveled with others, and it helps us see our golden potential that exists with a Christ-centered life.

The care ministries of the church include pastoral and congregational care to individuals. These are the ministries of presence - being presence with individuals and families through life's transitions. We care for folks in all the major and minor transitions of life: grief, illness/sickness, surgery, new life/birth, baptism, church membership, marriage, new homes, joblessness, loneliness, military service, spiritual crises, hospitalization, graduation, long-term care, rehabilitation, chronic illness, loss of a home, or broken relationships. 

These are the ministries of outreach and mission, where intentional effort is made to make new disciples. It includes ministries of service to the church. This area of ministry is what opens our doors and our hearts to the unchurched or de-churched in order to show them that Christ is still using the local church to transform the world.

Our History (Where we've been)

Faith United Methodist Church was birthed when two smaller congregations (Pavonia UMC & Franklin UMC) believed they could do ministry together and work toward something larger than either church could imagine. Around 2000, the two churches merged and create Faith UMC. 

The new congregation exploded with growth, attracting many new (and younger) families from the Crestview community. Not long after the merge, the church had a vision to relocate, and through divine provision, the church secured 30 acres directly across from the Crestview School District Campus. In 2010, the new building opened their doors to host the first worship experience. Faith UMC has continued to grow and make an impact in our community.

We are now in the process of discerning what God has for us in this next chapter of our young and developing church.