At Faith UMC we seek to give people an opportunity to worship God in a manner and style that is authentic for them. So we have two worship gatherings: a traditional experience and a contemporary experience. You can expect to hear the same biblically-grounded and engaging sermon at both worship gatherings. Those in attendance at each worship time are dressed comfortably and casually, and we invite you to do the same.

The 11a Contemporary worship experience is casual and high energy. The songs are led by a worship band. At this gathering, we offer children's ministries for children from birth through grade 5.

The 8:30a worship gathering uses more formal liturgy, and the hymns are led by the song leader and organist. 

Each month on the first Sunday of the month, we celebrate communion together. The practice of communion allows the Body of Christ to remember the sacrifice that Jesus Christ made on the cross for our sins. We break the bread and drink the juice as a way to remember his broken body and spilled blood.

What to Expect at Faith UMC